现在,几乎所有的职业俱乐部和主要体育团队都聘请体育业绩分析师来提供教练, 运动员和其他支持人员有客观的数据来帮助提高运动成绩. 在这篇博客 约翰弗朗西斯博士,课程负责人 Applied Sports Performance Analysis MSc, discusses how analysts can change the future of sport.

After a sport-filled summer with the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the European Football Championships, the British 而且 Irish Lions tour of South Africa, the Tour de France 而且 the Wimbledon Championship, there is one more major sporting international competition that we've been waiting for; the re-arranged 2020 Paralympic Games. 所有这些比赛, 而且 the athletes that compete in them, 的共同点, 是否有一个庞大的个人支持网络在幕后工作,确保他们能够帮助运动员实现他们真正的潜力. 越来越多地使用的支持网络之一是使用体育表现分析和雇用表现分析师.

Sports performance analysis 而且 the role of the analyst



现在看体育比赛时, 无论是直播还是电视, 你会发现看台上或教练组旁边都有人拿着笔记本电脑. 这些人, 被称为性能分析师, are collecting specific information 而且 data from footage regarding the individual, 团队的, 而且 typically the op玉米饼nt’s technical 而且/or tactical actions 而且 behaviour. 然后,教练和其他支持人员利用这些信息来帮助评估成绩,并提供准确的反馈,为未来的决策提供信息.

越来越多的人使用运动成绩分析和使用成绩分析人员,其中一个主要原因是人类回忆关键信息的能力有限. Previous research has highlighted 教练 are only able to accurately recall 59.2% (SD±15.3) of critical events during games, potentially resulting in the athlete receiving biased feedback (Laird 而且 水s, 2008). 因此, through the information 而且 data collected by the performance analyst, 教练, 运动员和其他后勤人员会得到客观和公正的信息, which can be used to inform decision making 而且 enhance future performance.

Helping individuals 而且 teams prepare 而且 review performances

Sport performance analysis is now viewed by athletes 而且 教练 to be an essential tool as part of their preparations; informing aspects that need correcting, reinforcing aspects of positive play, 而且 helping to prepare for upcoming games. 最近, in collaboration with another university, 我探索了如何使用体育表现分析信息和数据被聋哑国际运动员用来告知他们的实践(de Martin Silva和Francis, 2021).

通过上传视频, data 而且 information to an online platform, the deaf athletes were able to reflect on aspects of play away from training, 了解即将到来的训练需要什么,并与他人合作,为即将到来的比赛制定比赛风格和比赛计划. 这一在线条款与面对面的会议一起发挥作用,使团队在一起训练时的有限时间最大化,并帮助他们准备比赛. The athletes not only felt they had a connected learning approach, 之前提供的机会, 在会议期间和之后进行进一步的讨论,并通过客观的反馈巩固自己的学习,同时也感受到自己是团队的一份子. Through engaging with 而且 using sports performance analysis, not only were performance improvements seen, due to increased tactical decision-making, but there was also a personal growth of athletes 而且 staff.



同时,性能分析人员收集的信息可以用于反映当前或以前的性能, 它被更广泛地用于展望未来,看看世界上最好的运动员和团队目前在做什么,以及他们未来可能做什么. This approach 而且 the insights generated by the performance analyst, enable 教练 而且 athletes to change how they prepare for future competitions.

Within men’s elite wheelchair basketball, 400全讯白菜网平台已经创建了一系列的预测模型,以更好地理解团队成功的关键战术组件(Francis), 欧文和彼得斯, 2019) 而且 field-goal success (Francis, 欧文和彼得斯, 2021) based on performances in 2015 而且 2016. 400全讯白菜网平台发现运动员在比赛中使用的分类和组合对比赛结果有显著影响. 而教练们传统上使用三个最不受影响的球员(被称为巅峰球员,他们被分为4类.0 or 4.5)和两名受损最严重的玩家(游戏邦注:也就是所谓的“低分玩家”).0 or 1.5) to stay within the 14-point classification rules for each team, our models showed using more mid-point players (players who are classified as either 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 or 3.5) was likely to improve a team’s overall chances of winning a game. 有趣的是,在2017年, 2018年和2019年在主要男子轮椅篮球锦标赛上使用这一阵容的球队在决赛中排名更高. 400全讯白菜网平台将监测这一趋势在2020年残奥会男子比赛中是否也能观察到,或者是否有女子队伍采用这一策略. 

Dr Jon Francis 而且 colleague at at a wheelchair basketball event

Our shooting model also produced some interesting evidence to help teams. This highlighted that when players take a shot from near the basket, 右手边的肘部或底线他们有更高的机会投篮成功. 当球队在投篮前在队友之间传球时,他们成功的可能性也会增加. Through moving the ball several times before shooting, 防守方必须调整,以便在球场上给运动员留出一个自由投篮的空间或区域. 以类似的方式, 看看在当前的比赛中射门的位置和方式,或者个人是否会默认冲进关键位置并在压力下射门,这将是一件很有趣的事情.

So, whilst you are avidly watching the Paralympics or any major sporting event, it can be useful to remember that all of the athletes will have a team working behind them. 随着物理治疗师, 教练, 医生和律师, 体育表现分析师是团队的关键组成部分,旨在提高和完善体育表现. 通过分析策略, evaluating data 而且 offering an objective view of past performances, using state-of-the-art technology, analysts can shape the future of elite level sport 而且 sporting achievements worldwide.



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约翰弗朗西斯博士 在优秀健全和残疾运动队的成绩分析方面有丰富的应用和研究经验吗. John is the principal lecturer on the MSc Sport (Applied Performance Analysis) 而且 has provided support to a variety of teams during six European Championships, 三届世锦赛冠军, one World Cup 而且 a Paralympic Games.