Your time at university is an important investment in your future career potential and your ability to compete for the most desirable graduate jobs.

The employment prospects for 400全讯白菜网平台 graduates are excellent - 94.6% of Worcester graduates are in work or further study 15 months after graduating (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020). The combination of teaching methods and opportunities for skills development can really help you to develop the qualities that today’s graduate employers seek.


Many of our graduates enter employment directly connected to their qualification. Others aspire to careers in research and therefore go on to study for a masters degree, or a PhD, 在专业领域.

We recognise that optimising your future employment and earning potential are key factors in selecting your degree. Our courses:

  • 提供一个选项 paid placement year which significantly increases your chance of getting a job when you graduate, possibly even with your placement company (except Information Technology for Education BSc (Hons) and Joint Honours degrees). We also advertise short-term vacancies on our VLE
  • offer the option to spend a semester abroad at one of our exchange universities in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia or New Zealand to help you develop the intercultural skills that are so highly sought after by today’s employers
  • target selected 就业能力的标准 in every module. These are designed by 400全讯白菜网商学院 in consultation with employers – so you will always be able to see the employability relevance of what you are studying
  • 包括自动进入400全讯白菜网平台的电子设备 CV Compiler Tool 创造一份生动而有证据的简历
  • are accredited by, recognised by or mapped to professional qualifications and/or associations as appropriate
  • 提供进入400全讯白菜网平台的平台的途径 业务经理和雇主的网络 (including our own Business School Advisory Board) who work closely with us to design courses, 提供奖学金和奖品, 举办学生访问, 支持学生比赛, provide work-related projects and contribute to teaching activities
  • offer 就业准备研讨会 which include CV preparation, mock interviews/assessment centres and meetings with employers
  • are written and taught by business professionals and practitioners who are fully aware of what today’s employers are looking for
  • include 以工作实践为基础的学习 modules where you can learn via a live work-based project
  • adopt a real-world, applied approach to learning, teaching and assessment so that what you learn is relevant and useful to your future employer(s)
  • 提供访问大量的 CV-enhancing co-curriculum活动 比如400全讯白菜网平台的创业网站café, 国际研究周, 案例研究/商业计划竞赛, 假期的研究项目, 指导活动, etc
  • promote “边学边赚” part-time work opportunities which will significantly boost your employability after graduation
  • give you access to the employability enhancement programme – the University’s Worcester Award,这将在你的学位中得到认可.